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The history of textiles is complex and fascinating.  For thousands of years, the production and decoration of cloth has served as the foundation of empires, a motivation for espionage, and a reflection of technological progress.  In contrast to these momentous purposes, textiles have also always functioned as evidence of daily life, as in the forms of containers, clothing, and bedding.  And of course, as the supports for paintings and in the art of embroidery, they are ever-present at the heights of creative expression and technical skill.  As such, I view textiles as symbolic of the human experience--from the mundane through the contentious and the benevolent to the sublime.


In my work I both draw from and build on this rich history.  I find inspiration in the allure of pattern, the weight of progress, and the persistence of memory.  I utilize techniques from the traditions of quiltmaking, embroidery, and crochet as well as those of painting, photography, video, and interactivity.  With these methods and motivations, I sift through past human endeavors, behaviors, and objects to illustrate meaningful connections.

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